Thousands of Homeowners Just Got MUCH Higher Payouts On Their Hurricane Insurance Claims(…Here’s How!)

by Susan Freeman February, 2022

SUMMARY: Whether your claim is still being processed or you’ve already gotten a settlement from your insurance company, you may be entitled to MUCH MORE than you think… and this new solution has helped thousands of homeowners get almost double the promised payout. But the deadline to qualify is near so click here to claim your compensation.

Insurance companies aren’t happy about this.

But homeowners are finally winning the maximum payout from their Hurricane Insurance Claims.

Most of the folks we’ve talked to are “Waiting to see what my insurance does…”

If that’s you, then keep reading…

Because as you’ll soon discover, every day that goes by is doing more damage to your claim than you realize.

Simply put: time is of the essence.

And you have a lot more leverage than you realize… as long as you know what to do next.

This is all new territory for you. The insurance companies know that. And they know you’ll accept a lower offer if you’re kept in the dark. You’ve likely experienced this while navigating all the fine print and hoops of insurance claims.

Luckily, there are claims experts who will build you an ironclad case to get you the absolute maximum payout from your insurance company… much quicker than expected.

And the best part is it costs you nothing.

But first you need to know…

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Here’s How Your Insurance Company Is Trying To Outsmart You

Insurance companies know they’re swindling you. And guess what their #1 strategy is?

Running out the clock and keeping you in the dark.

They know the law only gives you a certain number of days to make a claim and fight for your maximum compensation.

If they can fudge around with paperwork, appraisals and approvals for long enough, you’ll be out of time and in a position where you don’t have much choice but to accept their offer…

And these guys are GOOD at what they do.

Everything comes down to numbers and making you jump through as many hoops as possible for as little money as they can give you.

But there’s a way to tip the scales 100% in your favor…

The reality is that it’s not actually hard to get the maximum compensation you’re entitled to. You just need someone who knows the game and can navigate all the fine print these insurance companies trick you with.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to use a seasoned team of legal experts who review your situation and give your claim every advantage possible.


Do NOT pay any lawyer to represent you. That’s a complete cash grab and scam. ONLY let a legal team represent you on a “Surplus Contingency Arrangement.” That means they’ll ONLY get paid if they can win you a surplus to what the insurance company offers. And if they can’t get you any EXTRA money, then they’ll make zero $$ and you’ll still walk away with your payout.

They’re hoping you try to “figure it out yourself…”

There’s a hard truth you’re going to realize throughout this process.

Hardly any of the people involved are on your side.

Contractors are going to lowball the work that needs to be done so they can win the bidding war. That estimate is going to be used by the insurance company to turn around and give you a lowball offer.

And the insurance adjusters?

Often they’re either:

❌ incompetent and inexperienced

❌ only concerned about their career and want to make a name for themselves by saving their company money

And when your insurance company saves money… it directly affects YOUR bank account.

Here’s why it’s in your best interest to use the right team of legal experts:

  • ✔️ They specialize in this, day in and day out
  • ✔️ They know how to build a claim to get you the maximum payout
  • ✔️ They ONLY get paid on any EXTRA compensation you win
  • ✔️ Your insurance companies are scared of them(they’re not scared of you)
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How To Claim Your Maximum Compensation

Right now, there is a team of claim specialists who’ve got the biggest insurance companies writing massive checks to folks like you.

They do this day in and day out, and thousands of homeowners are winning their full compensation thanks to them.

If you’re not sure that you can go to battle alone with your insurance company, then you absolutely need to get advice from the experts. Worst case scenario, you’ll be better equipped to negotiate your claim moving forward.

Again, I can’t stress it enough… time is of the essence.

It’s crucial you take away the one biggest weapon the insurance company is using against you… running out the clock and keeping you in the dark about your options.

It takes less than a minute and it’s remarkably simple. Just submit your info to get everything taken care of by a claims specialist.

Click here to claim your full compensation.

The claims specialist does all the work for you, at no cost out of pocket, and only get paid off the INCREASED payout they win you. If they don’t get you additional money, they get nothing.