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Is Your Property Damaged by a Hurricane?

Let us get you compensation you might be entitled to.

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Financial Help for Homeowners

Does your homeowners’ policy cover the wind and water-related property damage  caused by recent hurricanes but your insurance company refuses to completely compensate for the damage? Let us help! Even if you’ve already filed a claim, we can fight to get you the most money you’re rightfully owed by

Did you Know That Many Hurricane Claims Don’t Cover Property Damage Costs?

Many property owners may don’t know that their insurance policies don’t cover certain types of property damage.

If the damage costs more than your policy’s annual hurricane deductible — typically around 2%-5% of the insured value — insurers won’t pay you anything. 

If you only have flood or wind damage, there’s a good chance your insurance company will try to minimize your payout or deny your claim.

Act Now and Maximize Any Compensation You’re Rightfully Owed

If you have insurance on your damaged property, we can help you by negotiating on your behalf to make sure you’re properly compensated for any hurricane-related losses.